¿Un nuevo mercado para el Casco? / A new marketplace for Casco?

Estudiante Daniel Sacco, quién ganó el premio de la mejor tesis de arquitectura de la Universidad de Notre Dame en el 2014, explica su tesis, un mercado para el Casco, como "una puerta... entre la ciudad moderna de Panamá... y el Casco Viejo..."  Haga click en 'Lea más' debajo para continuar leyendo...

Student Daniel Sacco, who was awarded Best Architectural Thesis from the University of Notre Dame, explains his thesis, a marketplace for Casco, as a "gateway...between the modern Panama City... and the Casco Viejo."  Click below on 'Lea más' to continue reading...


The idea of the marketplace dates back centuries as a place where the community gathers for interaction, commerce, health, and leisure. In many ways, it is a celebration of the culture within which it exists, supporting local agriculture, craft, and lifestyle. The area of Casco Viejo has an extremely rich cultural heritage due to its history. What has been in somewhat disrepair in the past century has seen a recent cultural and architectural revival. There has been a lot of work in the area including restoration and new construction. Successful architecture comes from an understanding of a place; its culture, history, and most importantly the people who inhabit it. This project seeks to celebrate the architectural and cultural history of historic Panama while at the same time inspiring a trend toward traditional building as a sustainable, humane, and beautiful alternative for the future. What better place to do this than a marketplace. The site was chosen in large part to serve as a gateway or transition between the modern Panama City of high-rise buildings and the Casco Viejo.

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