Secrets to a healthier life!

Secrets to a healthier life!

What is resistance against every therapy?
And what to do about it…

Do you feel cured for a short time but then feel as if the same symptoms come back again? This is called therapy resistance which is a nightmare for all doctors and therapists.

We are extremely excited to welcome our guest speaker, who has a lot of experience and knowledge in this matter:

Jan Tavernier
 acupuncturist - geobiologist 
and magneto therapist
from Belgium

Western medicine tries to solve the problem by increasing the dose, which increases especially the side effects.

Crucial seems to be that one approaches a person not only as a biochemical organism, as well as being an electromagnetic antenna.

On the physical level, the therapy resistance today is mainly caused by all kinds of disturbing radiation fields, which undermine our immunity during our sleep as an insidious poison.  This is so real that by the accumulation of such interference fields, we can measure traces on our body that can be the explanation of the physical problems and pains we have.

This is a very interesting lecture, in which Jan will focus on "real" solutions.

On Monday, 26 Augustus at 8pm which is given @ Magnolian Hotel in Casco Viejo. Please make a reservation as places are limited.          $10 entrance fee.
Tel: 6442 6183 or email:

August 26, 2013 at 8pm
Magnolia Inn
Calle 8va and Calle Boquete
Behind the Cathedral Metropolitano. We are one block off Plaza Independencia, Casco Viejo’s main square.
Casco Viejo, Panama
Mapa de Google y la dirección
Tavernier Hilde · · 50764426183
$10.00 USD


TOME NOTA: Despues de su RSVP, todavía tendrá que comprar un boleto.

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